What To Expect

Chiropractic is an effective treatment for many conditions & problems

Common Conditions Treated

Back pain (upper and lower)

Neck Pain


Balance Difficulties

Sports Injuries


Occupational Injuries



TMJ (jaw) disorders


There are many more disorders that can be helped through chiropractic, no matter if it’s acute (a new injury/condition) or chronic (long standing). And don’t worry, if your illness cannot be helped by chiropractic, we will recommend a healthcare provider that meets your needs.


New Patient Exam
Includes consultation and exam, does not include adjustment
First as well as follow up
Student/Organisation (new patient)
Student/Organisation adjustment
Course of 5 treatments
Not including consultation and exam
Course of 10 treatments
Not including consultation and exam

Care Plan

Many chiropractors subscribe to a cookie-cutter treatment plan. They will often mandate a patient be adjusted 3X/week for 4 weeks, then 2X/week for 6 weeks, then 1X/week for 12 weeks, and so on. This results in a treatment plan of 48 visits over the course of almost a year. This also could mean an out-of-pocket expense upwards of £1,500 or more.

Some people only need 12-24 visits (sometime less) for a full corrective care plan, which would cost £400-800. We’re providing a full Corrective Care treatment plan for a substantial discount. For a 6 month commitment of £125 per month by direct debit, you’ll have a full course of Corrective Care, no matter how many adjustments your body requires.

After that, if you’d like to be checked and adjusted (if needed) on a regular basis, you can subscribe to our Maintenance Care Package. Once someone has had a full Corrective Care treatment course many choose to be checked once per month (sometimes more, sometimes less frequently).

Our maintenance care package includes unlimited adjustments over the course of your subscription. This means if you sign up for direct debit of £40 per month (minimum 1 year commitment), if you have a flare up or new injury, you’re still covered and won’t have to pay for the extra adjustments necessary for recovery.

We want you to feel your best so you can live life to the fullest

Your First Visit

A chiropractic visit is similar to other healthcare appointments. After you complete the necessary paperwork, your chiropractor will discuss your symptoms with you and perform a thorough examination, which may include:

Case history
Diagnostic tests
X-rays (if necessary)
Chiropractic examination (range of motion or flexibility tests, muscle tone and strength tests, reflexes, and functionality assessment)
Physical examination (vital sign checks, visual exam)

Once your chiropractor has carefully examined you and assessed all the information you’ve provided, she/he will discuss a treatment plan and administer your first adjustment. You may spend 45 minutes or up to two hours with us during your initial visit depending on the complexity of your case, but people typically spend an hour here. Subsequent visits will only take 5-10 minutes (again depending on complexity of your case) so you can get back to your life and not schedule half your day at the chiropractor.

You may also be provided with information and activities that will help you feel better faster, such as :

Strengthening and/or stretching exercises

Possible posture improvements and/or correction

Food and nutrition recommendations

Lifestyle suggestions

Your Second Visit

During your second visit to our office, your chiropractor will review your report of findings with you. We’re big on education, and we want to make you’re an active partner in your chiropractic care with us. We encourage you to ask any questions that you have so we can move forward with you feeling 100% confident. When you’re ready, we’ll perform an adjustment and then have you schedule your next visits before leaving.
I’ve had excellent care here from Cat. I’ve been struggling with lower back problems for a few years, and put it down to bad luck and ageing. This has been detrimental to both my work, which is physical and trade based, and social sports life. After a few visits here, my problem has lessened significantly, which has led to a positive impact on both the above. I was diagnosed my problem on my 1st visit and subsequent visits have been short and even made during my working day. The fact that parking was easily available and outside the Practices’ building was a bonus, and a great help on the early visits. I would highly recommend this service.
Steve, F
I have suffered from back pain, sciatica and muscle spasms for year. After this latest spasm i made an appointment with Kat. To say this lady is a miracle worker is an understatement! There is a huge improvement and I’m no longer aching or in any pain and I’m lot more mobile. Kat is very thorough, knowledgeable, professional and makes you feel at ease straight away. She explains everything she is doing as she goes along so you understand the treatment. Don’t suffer like I did, make an appointment and let Kat help you like she helped me!
Kim, H

Regular Care

During a regular visit, we will scan your spine with a nervo-scope, check your walk (gait analysis), palpate your back, utilize your digital Xray, adjust your spine and extremities (when necessary), and re-scan your spine to make sure you’re leaving in the best shape possible! We also like to make sure your gait (walking pattern) has improved.

Our Goals Are Your Goals

How much you want to benefit from Chiropractic care is always up to you. Whether it is just relief from your symptoms, spinal rehabilitation of the underlying problem or just to be proactive and enjoy a regular posture and spine checkup, we are here to help you achieve your own personal health goals. Our purpose is to help our patients and their families lead healthier and happier lives. Your health is your responsibility, we’re here to help.

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