Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Your rights as a patient

To be treated with respect and consideration without regard to race, creed, national origin, disability, gender or age.
To obtain complete and current information concerning all aspects of your care.
To be seen by the chiropractor of choice.
To know the name and professional status of all people who provide your care.
To refuse care and to be informed of the clinical consequences of this action.
To expect that communications and records are treated confidentially according to current regulations and/or as required by law.
To understand why tests and procedures are required.
To understand and receive an explanation of your bill, regardless of source of payment, and options for available payment plans.
To be advised of any potential involvement in research projects. The patient has the right to refuse to participate in such projects.
To expect reasonable continuity of care.
To receive information to make informed consent prior to the start of any procedure and/or provision of patient care.
To review your personal healthcare record and to receive an explanation of information contained therein within a reasonable timeframe, in accordance with clinic policy.
To request an amendment of your personal healthcare record.
To be free from all forms of abuse or harassment.
To receive care in a safe and smoke-free environment.
To receive information about how to submit a complaint or concern, upon request, from South Wales Spine Centre.
To submit a complaint or concern, verbally or in writing, without compromise to your care or access to care.

Your responsibilities as a patient

To arrive on time for appointments and follow-up visits and to phone South Wales Spine Centre if you must cancel or arrive late.
To provide South Wales Spine Centre with a complete and accurate clinical history.
To ask questions if any aspect of your care is not clear.
To follow directions concerning clinical management and to express any concerns about your ability to follow such directions throughout the course of care.
To treat all those involved in the South Wales Spine Centre community with respect and consideration.
To take financial responsibility for services provided by South Wales Spine Centre.
To report changes in health status/condition to the clinician providing care.
To recognize the effect of lifestyle on personal health.
To be respectful of the property of South Wales Spine Centre.
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